Our Objective

A Focus on Shareholder Value is the objective that we seek to instill in the management team and board of directors of Bank of America. Our objective is to change the prevailing corporate governance and culture of the management and board of directors of Bank of America so that the focus is on protecting and enhancing shareholder value. We believe that the current board of directors, while composed of sound and capable individuals, has failed to protect the interests of shareholders. We believe the board has taken actions that have resulted in the permanent destruction of shareholder value through dilutive and poorly structured acquisitions.

Purpose of the Website

The purpose of our website is to encourage and cause Bank of America shareholders to vote for changes in the governance and corporate culture of Bank of America on issues on the 2009 Proxy Statement. Specifically, we advise shareholders to vote:

  1. Against the re-election of Certain Directors
  2. For Corporate Governance Changes
  3. For Limits to Executive Compensation